Core team

Ema Kufel

Co-Founder/CEO, Ema is an (MSc) Marketing Communications graduate and an expert in healthcare communications. Ema has vast experience in managing projects developing digital strategies within the National Health Service and the Department of Health in the UK. She is passionate about healthcare and innovation, key components of Prosoma.

Marek Ostrowski

Founder, Marek finished Philosophy at the University of Wrocław, and then a post-graduate accredited Psychotherapy course, and Simonton’s Therapy Course. He specialises in working with oncological patients. From 2008, the founder and shareholder of a tech company, in which he was responsible for the development, innovation and management of strategic projects.

Andrzej Jończyk

Andrzej Jonczyk, a Medical Doctor and tech entrepreneur. At Prosoma he helps us get the best of both worlds thanks to his unique perspective through work with patients and his drive to push healthcare further through innovation. AJ also has previous experience of developing successful tech startups and delivering complex multinational products.


Dr Tit Albreht

M.D., Ph.D. in Health Services Research at the University of Amsterdam, Head of the Centre for Health Care, National Institute of Public Health of Slovenia, Senior Researcher in the field of health services research, health policy and health systems, member of the Scientific Committee of EUPHA.

Luzia Travado

PhD, MSc, ClinPsych, is clinical health psychologist and psychotherapist by the University of Lisbon, specialized in psycho-oncology and palliative care, and has doctorate degree in Psychology/Health Psychology by the University of Coimbra.

Professor Geoff Delaney

Director of Cancer Services for the South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) and Director of Liverpool Cancer Centre. He is an experienced Radiation Oncologist with his main areas of expertise being in breast cancer, radiation oncology, service planning and health services research.

Joaquim C. Reis

PhD, Doctorate degree in Psychology, specialization of Psychotherapy and Counseling, University of Lisbon. Investigator at Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. He works in Health Psychology, more specifically in Psycho-Oncology.

Dr Mariusz Wirga

MD, is medical director for the PsychoSocial Oncology program in the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Medical Center. He is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral medicine.