Prosoma is a therapeutic medical application

which aims to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in cancer patients. It also supports patients as they adapt to their new reality post-diagnosis.
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How does it work?


Prosoma is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. The application contains three main modules: diagnostics and monitoring, psycho-education and the behavioural section.


Prosoma combines easy to follow psycho-oncological education with practical exercises for everyday use. These help lower stress levels, relax, improve the quality of life, and regain control.
Prosoma was created by an international team of renowned experts with invaluable input from cancer patients.
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What we do
Prosoma is the world’s first tool designed for cancer patients, reducing stress, fear and depression. Prosoma is an advanced project in digital therapeutics, which will help to support the treatment process and improve the patients’ quality of life. The main goal that we hope to meet is emotional support through the understandably challenging process of oncological treatment. Prosoma will support patients through the adaptation process, during the treatment itself, and through remission.
For Patients
Prosoma is a therapeutical programme helping patients manage their emotions and lower stress levels after the cancer diagnosis.
For Experts
Prosoma is a helpful tool for oncologists and nurses looking to provide emotional support for patients.
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